About Our Service

Why Do I Need a Vin Verification?

There are many cases where the California DMV will require you to get a VIN verification in order for you

to obtain a title or registration.  Among these are:

* Body Modification.

* Vehicles registered to another state that need to be registered in CA. 

* Missing title or registration.

* Correct typos to odometer or vin number on current documentation.

How We Can Help

California Vin Verification Service is a mobile service that comes to you and gets you one step closer to getting

that title or registration that you need.  We supply you with the paperwork required (Form Reg 31) by the DMV; 

no trailering, no lines and no CHP.  *Occasionally we are asked to verify for a state other than CA.  Please make

sure that the state you need the verification for will accept one from a CA licensed verifier and supply the form.  

We are available any day of the week and serve Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.  

**We are away from the phones on weekends.  Please call/text M-F if you need a weekend appointment.**

What You Will Need

*A complete vehicle-we cannot verify parts.

*A vin location.  You know your vehicle best.  We can help research where it may be but we are not 

  historians or mechanics.  If the vin is in a location that you cannot get to, neither can we.  

*A driver's license or ID.

*Cash, Visa or Mastercard.  No checks please!

What We are Prohibited from Verifying

*Original applications for vehicles with an unladen weight of 8000 lbs or less whose Federal Certification Label is

  missing, altered or does not match the documents. 

*Salvaged or revived junk vehicles.  Local DMVs will tell you to contact a licensed verifier but the form will be

  kicked back by the final stage in Sacramento.  Believe us...we've tried!   

*Used motorcycles with unavailable records or with documents from a foreign country.

*Motorcycles with engine changes.

*Incomplete or unassembled vehicles. Vehicles under repair, restoration, or final stages of modification are ok.   

Fees range depending on distance from Whittier (90602).  Discounts apply for multiple units in the same visit. 

Call/Text or emailfor a quote or to set an appointment

For verifications in the SF Bay area, Sacramento and Yolo counties, visit http://www.asapvehicleverifiers.com.